Shipping and Ordering Information


Shipping and Ordering Information

All prices FOB Geneva, FL. Any state or local taxes extra. All antennas are UPS shippable. We ship world-wide.
VISA, MasterCard, Money Order, personal check. Bank clearance required prior to shipment.
Additional information:
Beams are shipped with center element sections and T-matches preassembled in the element mounting brackets, color-coded for ease of placement on the boom.
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Technical Notes

Note on beams used on 30 and 40 meter bands:
These bands are considered a "bonus" with our multi-band beam antennas. The performance of our beams is usually equivalent to or better than a dipole at the beam height. Over distances of 4000 miles and greater, their performance on these two bands is similar to (or better than) a quarter-wave ground plane with 18 radials. The receive noise level is significantly better with our antenna than a with vertical.

The feed point impedance of a 40-meter antenna varies widely with height above ground. Due to this variation in impedance, some difficulty may be experienced in tuning the antenna for 30 and 40 meters. The presence of metal structures and other antennas in close proximity to the beam may also affect tuning of the beam.

It is very important to use a high quality MIL Spec 50 or 52 ohm coax cable with the Sommer antenna. RG213U or RG217U are recommended, due to their high mechanical stability.
The balun furnished with the Sommer antennas is a low-loss air core type using RG142 (BU) Teflon cable. The balun will handle 2.9 kW continuous output at 30 MHz with a loss of only 0.05 dB.
In the interest of technical improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

XP404 Basic Model 10-12-15-20 m $ 749
XP504 Basic Model 10-12-15-20 m $ 999
XP704 Basic Model 10-12-15-20 m $1249
XP804 Basic Model 10-12-15-20 m $1600

Expansion Kits
(Prices valid only when ordered together with beam)
17 m Kit   $200
30 m Kit *
* 30 m kit is not possible at XP40 series beams
$ 60
40 m Kit   $ 60
6 m Kit   $ 50

The last number of the model number (e.g. XP704, XP706, XP707) indicates the number of the bands covered.
XP40 and XP50 series booms are self supporting. XP70 and XP80 booms need to be guyed.
Non-cunductive UV-resistant guy and bracket are included in antenna price.


Tiltable Mastholder for beam series XP40 + XP50 $ 100
Tiltable Mastholder for beam series XP70 + XP80 $130


Broadband Verticals 3 - 30 MHz  
Contact us for prices and for information on other frequency ranges, such as e.g. 2 - 22 MHz  


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